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Valast® 450

Steel Warehouse supplies Valast® 450 strip: An abrasion-resistant steel with an impressive surface hardness. Speak to an expert metallurgist today to see how we can utilize Valast® 450 Strip to suit your needs 

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Surface Quality

Designed specifically for use in construction, mining, and agriculture, Valast® 450 is proven to perform reliably even in the most rigorous duty cycles or rugged environment. Developed to maintain a typical core hardness of 450 HBN, Valast® 450 is hot-rolled for superior surface quality compared with revering mill plate in "as rolled" condition. The result is a longer-lasting, high endurance steel with a world-class surface finish that withstands wear and tear while offering outstanding aesthetics.


As an abrasion-resistant steel, Valast® 450 enables the production of lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles or increased payloads through the reduction of steel thickness. To achieve this, Valast grades are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure consistent flatness and tight dimensional tolerances. Due to its low CET (less than 0.33), Valast® 450 is suitable for all welding methods, although its more generous dimensions reduce welding requirements to improve structural rigidity and save time.

Production Economics

Valast® 450 delivers greater efficiency through the supply chain, from production to end-use. This unique product offers the widest abrasion-resistant strip dimensions on the market, available in extra-wide strip dimensions(81") and customized lengths. This benefits the manufacturing process by increasing nesting yield to minimize waste, improve efficiency and produce superior end-product performance. Valast® 450's consistent flatness, tight dimensional tolerances and superior surface quality enable repeatable processing and minimize part rejection rate. This strip surface quality also reduces the need for shot blasting or pre-painting.

Valast® 450 Mechanical and Physical Properties

Valast® 450 steel offers a typical hardness of 450 HBW, has abrasion resistance up to 2.5 times that of structural steel and benefits from good formability, suitable for all conventional welding methods. Other important characteristics:

  • Welding = Good - CEV max 4.45, CET max 0.33, PCM max 0.32
  • Impact strength = ≥ 20ft.lbs at -40° F
  • Bending/Forming = Excellent considering the hardness
  • Wear Resistance = Outstanding

Download the Valast® 450 data sheet for more technical product information.

Valast® Abrasion resistant Steel

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Properties of Valast® 450

Tensile Strength (MPa)1475
Yield Strength (MPa)1250
Hardness (HBW)450
Bending Radius4.5t

For full specifications, including disclaimers, please download the Tata Steel data sheet. Data Sheet Download

The difference between Valast® 450, AR400 and AR500

Valast® 450 is an abrasion-resistant form of steel with a surface hardness of 450 Brinell. While other types of steel offer greater hardness, such as AR500, Valast® 450 balances the needs of hardness, surface-quality, and formability.

AR400 is often used when formability is a key requirement in an application requiring abrasion-resistant steel with hardness. This is less costly than Valast® 450 or AR500. However, applications built using the AR400 may need to be replaced more frequently. Alternatively, a switch to Valast® 450 can potentially reduce thickness and weight, while the service life of the application remains the same.

AR500 delivers increased hardness and resistance to wear and tear, but offers less formability and is more brittle, with cost implications for the production process. AR500 typically requires a more expensive and complicated welding process.

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