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Processing Defects

Double Breaks

Caused by shearing clearances, and more prevalent on thicker material and higher carbon grades which are generally more difficult to slit/shear. Double breaks are more commonly on the ID of a slit coil, because before the strip can be pulled with tension the slitting knives are not as perfectly straight.

Annealing Burn

O Annealing burn or stain is caused by exposure to oxygen or moisture while the steel is at high temperatures (300F+). This can happen when annealing bases are uncovered before sufficient cooling.

Coolant Stain

Rust spots caused by the insufficient removal of coolant during cold rolling. 

Roll Pick Up

A depression caused by loose scale or other particles "picking up" on the rolls as they pass over the surface. The adherent particle leaves a depression every rotation for as long as it is stuck to the roll. If the depression repeats throughout the coil, it can also be called a roll mark. 

Roll Marks

A depression in the surface caused by a foreign particle on the roll. The depression will repeat at a consistent interval that matches the diameter of the roll multiplied by pi.

Coil Breaks

Also called cross breaks. They are caused by discontinuous yielding in soft steels. 

Pickle Stain

A rust stain caused by the improper drying in the tanks.


A general term for depressions in the surface of the steel. 

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