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Cold Rolled Strip

Cold Rolled Strip

As a cold rolled steel strip supplier, Steel Warehouse offers a wide range of cold rolled specialty alloy, high carbon, low carbon, and high strength low alloy (HSLA) precision tolerance strip steel.


  • Four High Reversing Mill
    • Thickness Range: 0.015" - 0.187" (grade dependent)
    • Width Range: 10.0" - 27.0" (inquire for wider)
    • Automatic precision gauge control model - ±.0005" - ±.001" thickness tolerance
  • Four High Temper Mill
    • Thicknesses up to.375"
    • Produces surface critical "One Pass Cold Roll" 1.5"  16" wide
    • tight thickness tolerences ±.0015" - ±.002"
  • 100% Hydrogen Batch Annealing
    • HR and CR Spheroidization capability
    • 75" OD max
    • Recovery anneal capability
  • Narrow Precision Slitter
    • 0.50”- 36.0” wide at ±.005” tolerance
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Cold Rolled Strip Grade Offerings

  • Carbon Steel: CS, DS, 1006 - 1095, 13XX - 15XX
  • Specialty Alloy: 41XX, 51XX, 61XX, 86XX, 92XX, Boron Grades (i.e., 10B38)
  • High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Grades: 50, 60, 80. Recovery Anneal Capability

Specific Finishes

  • Lite to Regular Matte Finish - 20-50µin
  • Regular Bright Finish - 8-20µin

Specific Tempers

  • Temper No. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Mechanical Properties

Precision Cold Rolled Strip is offered fully processed- annealed with various tempers or Full Hard

  • ASTM A109 Tempers No. 1-5
    • Dead soft (55HRB max) to Full Hard (90HRB min)
  • SAE J403/J404/ASTM A684
    • Spheroidized med to high carbon products available fully processed with a temper pass or full hard. Rockwell requests subject to met review
  • ASTM A1008/SAE J1392/J2340
    • Yield, tensile, elongation available upon met review
    • Spec equivalents available upon met review

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