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Abrasion Resistant Steel

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Abrasion Resistant Steel Sheet, Plate, & Coil

Abrasion resistant steel is a durable and reliable material that can protect your industrial equipment from wear and tear. Our AR steel plate is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you're looking to protect your vehicles and machinery from abrasive materials or harsh environments, abrasion resistant steel plate could be the perfect solution.

Steel Warehouse stocks abrasion resistant steel in plate, sheet, and coil in the following grades: AR200, AR400, AR450, & AR500. With a wide range of sizes and thicknesses available, Steel Warehouse can provide you with a customized solution to fit your specific needs. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, Steel Warehouse delivers high-quality, in-house processing with our cutting-edge equipment.

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Abrasion resistant steel plate stacked in Steel Warehouse's facilities.

What is Abrasion Resistant Steel?

Abrasion-resistant steel plate is steel plate that is typically alloyed with a number of different elements such as carbon and boron.  This type of steel is usually created using thermal processes, which increases the hardness of the steel and creates a unique grain structure. 

While other steel grades are traditionally classified based on their tensile strength, abrasion-resistant steels are graded using a method known as the Brinell hardness test.  This hardness is then represented as the set of numbers, following AR, in the grade designation.  

Understanding AR Steel Grades

To understand what abrasion resistant steel is, it’s important to break through the nomenclature in order to dissect the meaning behind terms like AR400 or AR500.  The AR at the beginning of each grade is an abbreviation for “abrasion resistant”.

In other words, if you were to order plate that met AR400, you would be able to tell from that designation that you will be getting high-carbon, heat-treated product that creates an abrasion-resistant surface, as well as a hardness around 400 (typically 360-444 BHN).

AR Steel Properties

Properties of AR steel plate, sheet & coil vary depending on the grade. The lower the grade, such as AR400, the more formable the steel is. The higher the grade, like AR500, the harder the steel is. AR450 is right in the middle, denoting a “sweet spot” between hardness and formability. You can view more information about each grade of steel using the table below.


Hardness Brinell

AR200 170-250 BHN Learn More
AR400 360-444 BHN Learn More
AR450 420-470 BHN Learn More
AR500 477-534 BHN Learn More


What are the Benefits of AR Steel?

The most important benefit of any AR steel is in its durability against scuffing, scratching, and wearing.  Abrasion-resistant steel is designed to resist wear and tear caused by abrasive materials. All AR is resistant to some degree of impact as well. AR can last longer in high-stress situations and reduce downtime from components failing and replacement. It can improve the longevity of your machinery and maximize production time. The benefits of using abrasion-resistant steel make it popular in harsh conditions.

abrasion resistant steel used to fabricate a dump truck body

Abrasion Resistant Steel Applications

Abrasion-resistant steel is typically used in applications where there is a lot of wear and tear, such as in mining equipment, construction equipment, dump bodies, and excavator buckets. AR steel is made by adding certain alloys to the steel during the manufacturing process, which makes it more resistant to abrasion and helps it to last longer in harsh environments. Any industry or application that requires equipment to withstand harsh environments and constant use can benefit from the use of abrasion-resistant steel. Some examples include:


Why Steel Warehouse?

Steel Warehouse is a family-owned business with over 75 years of experience. We don’t just supply steel; we are your partner in managing and forecasting inventory through our international and domestic mill relationships. We stock over 300,000 tons and provide a 24/7 transparent view of our inventory and orders through our web portal.

With multiple locations across the world and degreed metallurgists on staff to support your design and fabrication leads, you can trust that you are receiving quality steel and competitive pricing. If you think abrasion resistant steel might suit your needs, contact us today for a quote!

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