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ASTM A653 Steel

Structural steel, high strength low alloy steel, solution hardened steel, and bake hardenable steel are available in several grades based on mechanical properties.

The atmospheric corrosion resistance of zinc or zinc-iron alloy-coated sheet products is a direct function of coating thickness.  A thinner coating will result in almost linearly reduced corrosion performance of the coating. 

Heavier galvanized coatings perform adequately in bold atmospheric exposure whereas the lighter coatings are often further coated with paint or a similar barrier coating for increased corrosion resistance.

The product is made in various zinc or zinc-iron alloy-coating weights or coating designations.  The product is available in a number of designations, grades and classes in four general categories that are designed to be compatible with different application requirements.

Solidification of the zinc coating is typically uncontrolled, which produces the variable grain size associated with this finish.  Regular spangle is the finish produced on hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet in which there is a visible multifaceted zinc crystal structure.  

Spangle-free is the uniform finish produced on hotdip zinc-coated steel sheet in which the visual spangle pattern, especially the surface irregularities created by spangle formation, is not visible to the unaided eye. 

This finish is produced when the zinc crystal growth is inhibited by a combination of coating-bath chemistry, or cooling, or both during solidification of the zinc.

ASTM A653 Steel Grades

ASTM A653 steel is available in several designations: Commercial steel (CS Types A, B, and C), Forming steel (FS Types A and B), Deep drawing steel (DDS Types A and C), Extra deep drawing steel (EDDS), Structural steel (SS), High strength low alloy steel (HSLAS), High strength low alloy steel with improved formability (HSLAS-F), Solution hardened steel (SHS), and Bake hardenable steel (BHS).

  • CSA
  • CSB
  • CSC
  • FSA
  • FSB
  • DDSA
  • EDDS

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