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Why Specialty Strip?

Specialty Strip is a boutique cold rolling, annealing, and slitting operation with over 20 years of experience customizing tight tolerance orders. Located on the Steel Warehouse campus in South Bend, IN, we can pickle, slit, anneal, and cold reduce all in one location to ensure a precise and uniform product that yields repeatable and reproducible high-quality results. Our in-house experts and metallurgical team offer a recipe-driven approach, from raw material to part print, that enables us to manufacture steel for the toughest applications and solve our customers' most challenging problems.

Customized for Predictable Results

Precision Cold Rolled Strip


Uniform Microstructure & Surface Finish

Reliable and consistent performance. Guaranteed.


Tight Thickness Tolerances

Up to +/-.0005"


Designed For Critical Components

Including high carbon spheroidize annealed spring steel, fully processed low to medium carbon and specialty alloys, HSLA and AHSS, and post heat treated steel designs for case hardening, austempering, and hardened & tempered end uses.


Lightweighting Solutions with Advanced Engineered Strength

High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Strip

HSLA strip, or High Strength Low Alloy strip, offers a balance of high strength while maintaining superior bendability and improved weldability (relative to higher carbon products at the same strength level). The strength of HSLA strip is derived from its distinct micro-alloyed composition, which eliminates the need for additional post-production heat treatments. After hot rolled HSLA steel is produced, it is turned into cold rolled HSLA strip through a proprietary cold reduction schedule and heat treatment. This unique process is a critical step in achieving ductility (or its flexibility) for the most demanding roll forming and stamping applications. 

We provide HSLA strip steel in grades ranging from 45 to 80 (300XF - 550XF), in accordance with ASTM A1008 and SAE J2340 standards.

More Predictable than Dual Phase

AHSS Specialty Strip 800R & 900R


Engineered for strength and precision, 800R and 900R are setting new standards in the cold rolled strip steel industry. Characterized by their 120 ksi+ (825 MPa+) strength combined with precision tight thickness tolerance up to +/-.001 (0.025mm), this advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) monophase design is achieved through a proprietary heat treatment applied to cold-worked steel. When compared to alternative dual-phase products, the consistent microstructure of 800R and 900R can produce better weldability, greater part yield, and less fracturing during forming on sheared edges.

We offer 800R and 900R in thickness ranging from 0.035” to 0.150” (0.9 – 3.81 mm) and in widths from 0.75” to 59.0” (19 – 1500 mm).


●   Yield Strength (L):      120 – 133 ksi  (825 – 915 MPa)
●   Tensile Strength (L):    129 – 135 ksi  (890 – 930 MPa)


●   Yield Strength (L):      130 – 143 ksi  (900 – 985 MPa)
●   Tensile Strength (L):    135 – 147 ksi  (930 – 1015 MPa)


Process Capabilities

High precision means high accuracy. Specialty Strip has all the capabilities in one single location to produce the highest quality cold rolled strip steel with tight gauge tolerances.

●  Thickness: 0.015” – 0.187“
●  Tolerance: up to +/- .0005” *
●  Width: 10.0” – 27.5”
●  Surface finishes:
     Lite to regular matte: 20 - 50µin
     Regular bright: 6 - 20µin

●  100% Hydrogen atmosphere
    for pristine surface & uniformity
●  Spheroidized heat treatment
    for both hot roll and cold roll
●  OD: 75" OD max
●  Weight: 60,000 lbs coil max

●  Thickness: 0.010" – 0.250"
●  Tolerance: up to +/- .003” *
●  Width: 0.400" - 30.0"

*depending on material


From drawing steel to coined stamping to fine blanking grades, our products provide global solutions to fabricators and OEMs processing stamped parts, roll formed shapes, bent profiles, and more. Some common industries and applications include:


  • Seating components
  • Needle bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Clutch plate
  • Hub rings
  • Bus seats
  • Roof rails
  • Washers/shims
  • Flanges
  • Transmission plates


  • Grain carts
  • Sprayer booms
  • Cutter bars
  • Auger tubes
  • Seat rails
  • Heat & rock shields


  • Concrete chutes
  • Manlift buckets

Hand and Power Tools

  • Chainsaw chains
  • Guide bars
  • Clutch
  • Hole saws
  • Saw blades
  • Bandsaw blades

Aircraft Quality

  • Clips
  • Rotor stators

Why Steel Warehouse?

Steel Warehouse is a family-owned business with over 75 years of experience. We don’t just supply steel; we are your partner in managing and forecasting inventory through our international and domestic mill relationships. We stock over 300,000 tons and provide a 24/7 transparent view of our inventory and orders through our web portal. With multiple locations across the world and degreed metallurgists on staff to support your design and fabrication leads, you can trust that you are receiving quality steel and competitive pricing. Contact us today for a quote!

Better Material Surface, Better Laser Cutting

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Explore Our Available Steel Products & Grades

Our knowledge and experience give nearly 100% accurate delivery of High Carbon, Low Carbon, Stainless Steel products processed and packaged to your exact specifications.

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