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AR500 - Hardness 460-544 brinell

A Quenched & Tempered product for applications requiring extreme abrasion resistance

Weldability Carbon equivalent of 0.79 Maximum, 0.69 Typical
Mechanical Properties (ASTM A370) Hardness 477-534 BHN (ASTM E10)
Yield Strength (Typical) 215 Ksi 1480 MPa
Tensile Strength (Typical) 240 Ksi 1655 MPa
Elongation (Typical) 8% (50.8mm gage)
Charpy V-Notch Impact
(ASTM A673, A370)
Standard size, -40F test temp, hardness
Specimen Orientation Impact Resistance (ft/lbs)
Standard Width 1/2 Width
Transverse (T-L) 12.0 6.0
Longitudinal (L-T) 14.0 7.0
Bend Test Plate Thinckness Inside Radius
0.118-0.3125 in. (3-8mm) 4.5T
0.3126-0.500 in. (8.1-12.7mm) 6.5T
0.50-0.750 in. (12.8-19mm) 8T
0.751-1.000 in. (19.1-25.4mm) 10T
Flatness Standards are 50% of that specified in ASTM A-6. Special tolerances are available.
Thickness The standards are 50% of that specified in ASTM A-6. Special tolerances are available.
  • AR500 has a nominal hardness of 500 BH, giving it exceptional resistance to both impact and sliding abrasion.
  • Recommended for: liners for mining and material handling equipment like dump trucks, material transfer chutes, storage bins, buckets, and hoppers.
  • .125"-.315" offered in 48"-65" wide cut to your requested length 
  •  .375"-2.00" offer in standard sizes (96" X 240"/288")

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