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AR400 Steel Plate - Hardness 360-444 Brinell

What is AR400 Steel?

AR400  is specifically designed for abrasion and wear-resistant applications.  AR400 has a typical hardness range of 360-444 BHN, which is slightly lower than AR450. As with other abrasion-resistant steels, it does not have defined chemistry, but rather, the grade is determined based on hardness.

AR400 Steel Plate Sizes

  • .125"-.315 offered in 48"-65" wide cut to your requested length 
  • .375”-2.00” offered in standard sizes (96" X 240"/288”)
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Properties of AR400 Steel Plate

In addition to its general characteristics of being formable, while maintaining good abrasion resistance, AR400 steel also has the following mechanical properties:

  • Machining = Fair
  • Bending = Good
  • Corrosion Resistance = Good
  • Welding = Excellent
  • Wear Resistance = Great
  • Excellent resistance to both impact and sliding abrasion at a moderate cost.
  • Recommended for: liners for mining and material handling equipment like dump trucks, material transfer chutes, storage bins, buckets, and hopper

AR400 Steel Requirements

All flatness and thickness requirements for AR400 meet standards that are 50% of that specified in ASTM A-6.


Benefits of AR400 Steel Plate

When zeroing in on what abrasion resistant steel is best for your applications, it’s important to note that each grade reacts differently to many fabricating processes.  AR400 steel plate is excellent for applications in which abrasion resistance is required, but formability and weldability are a must. Because of these properties, it can be used for a variety of different applications.  It is particularly good in applications where there may be impact or sliding abrasion. For more information regarding the differences between AR400, AR450, and AR500, visit our AR450 page here


Abrasion resistant steel is ideal for use in the automotive industry. Image of dump truck body made from AR 400 Steel Plate, Sheet, and Coil.

Industries and Applications

Because of its unique properties, AR400 has applications in a variety of different industries and for all types of general uses. It is often used in:

A Quenched & Tempered product for applications requiring abrasion resistance, formability and weldability

Weldability Carbon equivalent of 0.79 Max - 0.72 Typical
Mechanical Properties (ASTM A370) Hardness 363-400 BH (ASTM E10)
Yield Strength (Typical) 172 Ksi 1187 MPa
Tensile Strength (Typical) 191 Ksi 1318 MPa
Elongation 2" (Typical) 10% (in 2") 10% (in 50mm)
Charpy V-Notch Impact
(ASTM A673, A370) Bend Test
Standard size, 17 foot pounds (23 joules) @ - 40deg C/F test temp, transverse direction hardness 363BHN.
4T (up to .50inches - 12.5mm
Flatness Standards are 50% of that specified in ASTM A-6. Special tolerances are available.
Thickness The standards are 50% of that specified in ASTM A-6. Special tolerances are available.

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