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Ympress® 100 XF

Why Use Ympress® 100 XF From Tata Steel

Steel Warehouse has been supplying high-strength steel to solve customer problems for over 25 years. We’ve proven time and time again to have your winning solution.

When you work with Steel Warehouse and Tata Steel to fulfill your Ympress 100 XF needs you can expect:

  • Inventory management with just in time delivery
  • Customized lengths and widest in the world (up to 78")
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Design engineering and customer technical services provided by in-house Metallurgists
  • High-Quality surface finish
  • Hot roll brushed or pickled
  • Stress-free laser-quality flatness and dimensional stability
  • Advanced grades offer lightweighting, greater payload and lift capacity
  • Consistent properties with inclusion shape control to improve formability
  • Highest rated fatigue testing (up to 2 million cycles)
  • Charpy values available on all thicknesses
  • Bend radius of 1T <.230” and 1.5T at ≥ .230” for forming applications
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  • Formability
    Excellent cold formability, bending a guaranteed to 1T <.230" and 1.5T at ≥ .230" inside bend radii in both longitudinal and transverse directions compared to 2T” for bend lines transverse to the rolling direction and even higher for bend lines parallel to the rolling direction for most A514 and grade 100 strip steel

  • Weldability
    Ympress 100XF Steel can be welded at room temperatures without preheating. It is appropriate for all conventional welding methods without a propensity to hardening and cold cracking. Its CEQ is lower than a conventional Q&T plate

  • Surface
    Aside from its high strength, lightweight features, Grade 100 Steel is temper pass leveled to assure flatness during processing, and hot rolled black plates from coil are brushed to provide a quality enhanced surface for appearance and finishing. For the very best surface and fabrication throughput, Steel Warehouse Grade 100 plates from coil can be supplied as pickled and oiled

  • Mechanical Properties
    Grade 100XF Steel readily meets the most demanding mechanical property tolerances

  • Chemical Composition
    Ympress 100 XF steel is a high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel containing low amounts of carbon (.08 max), phosphorus (.020), and sulfur (.005) resulting in a more homogeneous material

  • Price/Cost Value
    Very competitively priced compared with A514 material. Combine the qualities and benefits of Grade 100 Carbon Steel, and you'll enjoy an unprecedented cost-value.

  • Consistent Surface and Fabrication Performance
    Stringent operational controls of the chemical composition and thermal practice result in product that will perform very consistently in the fabrication process and meeting demanding surface finish requirements.
  • Eliminates Silicon Streaks
    Ympress Grade 100 XF avoids significant alloy additions of Silicon, which eliminates the occurrence of silicon streaks. The sticky scale associated with elevated silicon will leave a residual texture on the surface that will show through most painting systems
  • Better Thermal Practices - Better Surface
    Ympress Grade 100 XF is made with advanced thermal practices to mitigate the development of a loose flaky scale jacket. This results in a surface that allows paint systems to excel
  • Other High Strength and Performance Steels
    S960, and Valast 450

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