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Customer Testimonials

With Steel Warehouse we can get our product in two to three weeks as opposed to six to eight weeks with other suppliers.

If I need anything from them they are willing to get other individuals within the company involved to assist us. For example, they brought a metallurgist in to our shop to provide us with a seminar.

I would rank Steel Warehouse within the top ten of our 150 suppliers.

The most important thing for us is that the steel that arrives is completely flat. When I work with Steel Warehouse I do not have any issues with my steel.

In 750 shipments over five years we have only had one rejection with Steel Warehouse! That speaks volumes about the quality of their material and attention to detail.

Because of the quality delivered by Steel Warehouse we do not have to babysit our laser system. We are able to run it unmanned.

When we buy steel elsewhere I would need to pay someone about $48,000 a year to man the machine. Steel Warehouse has saved me $250,000 in five years!

They are highly responsive. If I called them right now and said I need steel tomorrow morning I am confident that they would get it here.

Steel Warehouse always delivers on time as opposed to other suppliers.

There have been times when I have asked for them to do the impossible and they have gotten it done.

When we discuss pricing, or other items I feel like we are having an equal conversation. I appreciate that they make suggestions for ways that we can save money. If we suggest changing the way they pack things to be more efficient, they are able to accommodate us.

When steel pricing has dropped due to the market, Steel Warehouse was able to adapt their pricing to keep us competitive rather than “holding us to the fire”.

I consider Steel Warehouse to be our partner. There are not many suppliers I’d say that about.

It is worth paying a half a penny per pound more to know that we are getting the highest quality steel. That means everything to us because we cannot afford downtime.

We feel that Steel Warehouse bends over backwards to help us. When we ask for expedites we generally get something better than what we started with.

When I have production scheduled for next week for certain sizes of steel, and I’m thinking it’s ready to be picked up or delivered, and I find out it’s not, then obviously our production is in trouble. I don’t run into this issue when working with Steel Warehouse.

The folks are wonderful to work with.

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