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Boron Steel

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Boron steels are  alloyed with a small amount of boron, usually less than 1%. 

Boron steels are used as strengthening elements such as around the door frames, and in reclining seats.

Flat boron steel for automotive use is hot stamped in cooled molds from the austenitic state (obtained by heating to 900-950C).

High tensile strength hot-stamped manganese boron steel allows weight saving by using thinner steel parts.

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Boron is effective at very low concentrations - 30 ppm B can replace an equivalent 0.4% Cr, 0.5% C, or 0.12% V.   

Soluble boron arranges in steels along grain boundaries.

This retards the γ-α transformations (austenite to ferrite transformation) by diffusion and therefore increases the hardenability, with an optimal range of ~ 0.0003 to 0.003% B.

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